Hey – are you looking at my axe?

So I’m looking to get rid of my RG. I actually love *almost* everything about it – the action is great, the weight is right, the neck is perfect…

RG - Side
But I’ve recently started doing a lot of drop-D tuning in my recording, and the Floyd Rose is driving me nuts. It’s fine and wonderful if you stay in a particular tuning, but if you switch back and forth it takes about a day of tuning to get to drop-D and another day to get back šŸ™‚

Only gigged twice, mostly used for recording. One or two micro-scratches, but otherwise in
impeccable shape.

Very versatile (5-pos pickup selector, etc.) All hardware, trem bar, soft case included.

RG-320-DX, inspected by H.K. Lee, even šŸ˜‰


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