Studio series I – basses

Well, now Paul has provoked me so I have to haul out the gear πŸ˜‰

Rick 4001This one is *not* for sale:

Rickenbacker 4001 – usually I put it through my Bass V-Amp Pro into an Edirol direct box (USB) into Sonar. The tone is distinctive through a plain amp, but it’s very comfortable and through the gear you can pretty much get any tone you’re looking for.

For a lower bottom-end I tend to use a cheapie Cort 5-string. I think I got this thing for 50 cents from a gumball machine, but it’s always done the job well enough that I haven’t gone looking for anything better yet. It’s nice and loud – I always have to tamp down the levels when I lay down a track in Sonar with this thing.


3 Responses to “Studio series I – basses”

  1. Seon Says:

    Came here off the link about the guitar. Saw the Ric and had to comment — I have a Ric also, 2003 year model with starburst paint job. I love Rics distinctive sound.

  2. Paul Says:

    Now who’s provoking who? πŸ™‚
    My stuff:

    I’d love to have a Rick some day, but I’m still stuck in a Gibson phase.

  3. electric guitar Says:

    amazing stuff thanx

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