Studio series III – Keys

A mea culpa up front – I suck at the keys. That’s not not being self-deprecating – I suck at least twice as much as anyone has ever sucked before on keyboards. One day I’ll have time to get lessons and suck slightly less, but until then…

That’s why I stick with my old-school Casio WK-1500.

  • Significantly cheaper than dirt, per pound (really!)
  • Velocity-sensitive keys / expression pedal input
  • Fully general MIDI capable (IN / OUT)

It’s a cheap and more than adequately expressive controller for lots of virtual synths:

I mostly use it for techno-experimentation and adding ambiance / color tracks in Sonar. For some inspiration see (hear) Richard Barbieri‘s work with Porcupine Tree. Some great demonstrations of how to integrate keys into a mix.


One Response to “Studio series III – Keys”

  1. Mark Says:

    Hi, wouldn’t happen to have a manual for the WK-1500 would you. I have dragged out mine for the children and i have misplaced it? Would be most greatful…… Thanks Mark

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